On October 4, 1957 the launch of Sputnik-1 marked the beginning of the Space Age.

Every year since 2004 in the early October IKI hosts annual Space Science Days, dedicated to the date. This is a special event or a series of events about space research and exploration today.

Though the main speakers are usually space scientists, we welcome everyone interested in space and especially high-school, undegraduate, and graduate students, who want to work further in the field.

In 2024, the Space Science Days will be held on October 1–5!

Follow the updates on:

•    Space Research Institute https://iki.cosmos.ru/en
•    VK https://vk.com/ikiran 
•    Telegram https://t.me/mediaiki

Meanwhile, you may browse the programs and videos collected in the archive of Space Science Days.

Space Science Days are organized by Space Research Institute (IKI) and supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry for Science and Higher Education of Russia, Roscosmos State Corporation.

Space Science Days are registered as an event of UN World Space Week on October 4–10. IKI Doors Open Day is part of the All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA 0+

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