On October 4, 1957 the launch of Sputnik-1 marked the beginning of the Space Age.

To commemorate the event every year IKI hosts the Space Science Days — a special event for space scientists, students, and everyone interested in space.

Space Science Days are supported by Russian Academy of Sciences and is a registered event of UN World Space Week on October 4–10. 

More information on the nearest Space Science Days 2020 will follow as soon as situation allows. We hope very much that we will be able to hold it not only online.

Meanwhile, you may find short description of the latest Space Science Days in 2019.

First all-Russian
Space Education Conference
"Road to Space"

October 1-4, 2019

In 2019 Space Science Days will be dedicated to space education under the title, which brings us back to the First Man in Space, Yuri Gagarin, who would have celebrated 85 years in 2019, and his famous book, known in the West as “Road to the Stars”.

Conference details (in Russian): https://dni.cosmos.ru/conference
Please, address the enquiries to LOC via sputnik@cosmos.ru

  1. Space education and space exploration: from nanosats to manned stations
  2. Spacecraft for science and education. Small satellites
  3. ISS for space education: past and future
  4. Roscosmos: programs for professional training
  5. State and business cooperation in pre-professional educations
  6. International cooperation in space education
  7. Specialized departments and university laboratories
  8. Space education for middle and high schools: astronomy clubs and astronomy lessons
  9. Public outreach with mass media
  10. Mobility in space education
  11. Electronic and distant formats in space education
  12. History of space education and space museums
  13. Programs for space law in Russian universities
Program Committee
  • Acad. Dr. Lev M. Zelenyi (IKI) — Chair
  • Dr. Sergey S. Negodyaev (MIPT) — Vice Chair
  • Acad. Dr. Vladimir A. Solovyev (MSU) — Vice Chair
  • Dr. Oleg M. Alifanov (MAI) — Vice Chair
  • Dr. Andrei M. Sadovsky (IKI) — Academic secretary
  • Alexandr V. Bloshenko (ROSCOSMOS)
  • RAS Corr.Member, Dr. Anatoly A. Petrukovich (IKI)
  • RAS Professor, Dr. Alexander A. Lutovinov (IKI)
  • Dr. Igor V. Belokonov (SNRU)
  • Dr. Maxim S. Dolgonosov (HSE)
  • Dr. Olga V. Zakutnyaya (IKI)
Local Organizing Committee
  • Acad. Dr. Lev M. Zelenyi (IKI) — Chair
  • Dr. Andrei M. Sadovsky (IKI) — Vice Chair
  • Elena A. Antonenko (IKI)
  • Andrei Yu. Malykhin (IKI)
  • Olga V. Sapunova (IKI)
  • Dr. Maxim S. Dolgonosov (HSE)
  • Tatiana D. Zharkova (IKI)
  • Ekaterina O. Korableva (IKI)
  • Dr. Olga V. Zakutnyaya (IKI)

my_location Address: Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str., 84/32, entrance А-4.